How do you stay motivated enough to make art after a long day of teaching?

"Right out of college some friends and I started a critique group. We get together almost every month and show each other what we are working on. We've been doing this for over ten years. The group has evolved and has included gallerists, museum curators, poets, and architects. Having a monthly critique gives me an added incentive to produce work and also provides lots of good feedback. On top of that, other artists might know of opportunities to show your work or create opportunities to do so."
-Justin Wheatley

“I try to stay on top of the local art scene as much as I can...which isn't a whole lot as a mom of three! But there are local websites and newsletters that keep you in the loop about art openings, talks, and calls for entry. I have a great artist/mom friend...we go to openings in our mini-vans and talk and cry about art and motherhood! It's so great! Even just one person makes a big difference.”
-Denise Gasser