How have do you balance making art with taking care of your children?

 “After giving birth to my second son I came to one of those crucial points in life where you start to ask big questions about your identity. Who am I as a mother? Is it possible to keep painting when I barely have time to put on pants? Can I pursue an artistic career while still putting my family first? And on and on. The whole thing just felt so frustrating and pointless. I started this project, Art After, as a way to reconcile art and motherhood. I'm making hundreds of little 5 x 7" paintings, but only working on each piece until I'm interrupted...then I never go back and finish. On the back of each piece I document the start time, end time, and the interruption that forced me to stop. I have learned so much about accepting my circumstances and using the setbacks as traction for progress. It's been AMAZING to see how those little bits of time add up! I'm posting them all one at a time, including times and interruptions, on my Instagram.  I love seeing how many people relate to this concept! Lots of comradery for sure.”
-Denise Gasser