How do you balance teaching and art making?

“Finding balance between art making and my full-time teaching job is one of my major goals moving forward, and one of my current challenges. As my business grows, I am trying to embrace the natural ebb and flow of studio production to accommodate demanding times within the school year. I do my best to plan ahead and try to schedule large artistic undertakings in-between events like student art shows, competitions, and AP portfolio submissions. I keep a calendar in my sketchbook, where I write down artistic goals and time frames. I’ve found that committing to outside deadlines (art fairs, group and individual shows, galleries drop-offs, etc.) pushes me to most efficiently prioritize my time outside of my teaching job.”

-Christina Keith

"I say yes and commit myself to art shows and projects before I can talk myself out of it. If I have a deadline to meet, it ensures that I make time for my art. I work project to project, deadline to deadline. Even if the next deadline is just a critique night with friends, or one piece for a show, or a proposal for a public art project that I probably won’t get, it keeps me going."
-Michelle Montrose Larsen


"When I graduated college, I was painting mostly in oil. Reality soon set in that if I wanted to produce a lot of work, I would need to switch to acrylic for the sake of time. I would also have to simplify my subject matter. I made a lofty goal to produce a certain number of paintings per year. Every day after school, I paint for around three hours. In the summer, I paint full time. The first few years were difficult. Being a new teacher required a lot of extra time doing school stuff. After about three years, I found the balance I was looking for and have been able to reach my painting goal every year since. I still like to paint in oil once in a while, but have grown to love acrylic."
-Justin Wheatley