Hello, welcome to ArtistTeachers.org

Welcome to artistteachers.org! In 2006, I graduated from Utah State University and moved to Salt Lake City. I got a job teaching high school and immediately immersed myself in the local art scene. As the years passed, I continued to teach and create art. I received a Master’s in Education and became a Nationally Board Certified teacher. I was also picked up by a gallery, and have since expanded to five more. I got married and we now have four kids. While all of this was happening, I continued to meet other art teachers who had given up creating art outside of teaching. Many of these teachers long for what brought them to the profession of teaching art in the first place.

ArtistTeachers is a project born out of “If I can do it, you can too.” Please take a look and see what other teachers are doing to keep their creative dreams alive and well. Then go and pick up those brushes.

Justin Wheatley